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WFPF Founding Athlete Daniel Arroyo, Movement Artist/Visual Artist!

arroyo“I was always brought up with the idea that I could be anything I wanted to be. I took it so literally that I have been trying to experience everything ever since. I am mostly known in the world of Parkour and movement but I have always had my hands in so many different things, Engineering, Psychology, Mathematics, Poetry, Music, History, Astronomy, etc.

Painting is one of the many things that I like to be creative with, it has allowed me to understand myself deeper, as well as to be able to put my imagination onto a canvas. My paintings consist of Sacred Geometry, Symbolism, Numerology, Pythagorean Mathematics, and much more. Reading really helps to spark inspiration as well as to reveal that nobody really understands what is going on in this world!

DSC00286Everywhere I go, people ask me what I do for a living; it’s difficult to say when you’re simply an artist at heart. I usually end up telling them that I do Parkour and that I have worked in the entertainment industry. They are usually shocked and ask me if I’m able to make a living from it; I tend to respond that it is possible, however its not for everyone.

I get jobs in Parkour sometimes, but when I don’t, I am Painting, Reading, Learning, Collaborating with others, going on adventures, etc. Through these avenues I tend to make connections with others who bring different sorts of opportunities in my life. Sometimes people hear that I paint and they want to buy a painting, sometimes people hear that I do presentations on ‘bridging the hemispheres of your brain’ so they want to buy a PowerPoint document that I use for my discussions.

Essentially what I am getting down to is that whatever you do, invest in yourself. We are vessels of skills and traits that enable us to seize opportunities as they present themselves. If we are stuck in only one avenue then we may miss out on the opportunities to express some of our other creative capacities. I invest in myself in aspects of what I do, so that I don’t have to reply on any one skill or attribute. It just makes life more interesting!


People ask me what I’ll do if I can’t jump anymore; I usually respond with a smile and say, “I’m not a one trick pony”. The central understanding for me is to know that the various human passions, feelings, & emotions in the heart are not wrong in themselves; they simply have to be carefully controlled and given a higher and higher direction, until they attain the very highest condition of excellence.

DSC00302So when the mood strikes you, and you wonder what your life is meant to be, just ask yourself…”How will I express my greatness?” and listen for the answer. You may be surprised!”

~ Daniel Arroyo

Check out Daniel’s profile here: https://www.wfpf.com/daniel-arroyo/

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  1. Magnificant Daniel! Your expressions are like a higher frequency of Salvadore Dali and more conscious for our “time”. Thank you for sharing your gift. “JJ”

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