Joe Zgheib- Beirut, Lebanon

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Hi, I’m Jo Zgheib.

I was born in Lebanon in 1989.

Growing up, I did wushu Kung Fu and was so inspired and affected by the legendary Jackie Chan that I started imitating his stunt moves.

Then I started to see Parkour in the movies and in videos and it took all my attention and time!

Downloading tutorials and training for more than 7 hours every day, I finally got the basics.  So I started assisting my friends and teaching them some moves. I did all this while pursuing my passion and getting a degree in physical education at the University of Balamand, north Lebanon.

With my martial art skills, my degree and my pure Parkour motivation, I started giving Parkour sessions for small groups. Suddenly, everyone wanted to try it and train with us. I was the first guy to give this kind of trainings in Lebanon, so I decided to found the Lebanese Parkour Academy (LPK) in 2010.  I am extremely proud to say that in July of 2017, Lebanese Parkour Academy became the first WFPF Parkour Academy in the MENA region! !  WFPF has also asked me to be one of WFPF’s Parkour Ambassadors to the MENA region which will mean developing Parkour education and special initiatives in the Middle East.  In 2018, I’m working with WFPF and IPF to launch an initiative to teach parkour to some of the Syrian refugees who are now living in Beirut.  Stay tuned!

I now work as a freelance stunt actor, and I run the LPK Academy.  I also had the honor to bring the Lebanese Team to WFPF’s World Parkour Championship Series 2018- Mardin, Turkey and also serve as a studio host along side Ryan Doyle and Fernando Arce and do the live-stream pre-show, as well (Photos and videos below!)


Meet Joe!

Host Joe Zgheib (video below) doing the live feed warm up for WFPF World Parkour Championship Series 2018-  Mardin, Turkey

World parkour championship 2018

Posted by WFPF on Saturday, May 12, 2018

Live-stream co-host Joe Zgheib (video below) doing the live-stream in-studio hosting with Ryan Doyle and Fernando Arce at WFPF World Parkour Championship Series 2018-  Mardin, Turkey

Some of my motivated young students at Lebanese Parkour Academy:

My run on Arab Ninja Warrior.  You’ve got to see this!
LIVE Feed from Lebanese Parkour Academy, hosted by Joe!

Other links:

Here is a video from LPK- Lebanese Parkour Academy:



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