Freerun Force- Benghazi, LIBYA

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Freerun Force is a four member free-running team based in Benghazi-Libya. It was formed in 2014 by a group of friends united by the love of the sport and the desire to introduce Parkour to a country, whose a majority of it’s citizens are unaware of it’s existence.

A few months after the team was formed, a war broke out in the city of Benghazi, three years after the revolution that toppled dictator Muammar Gaddafi. The war in Benghazi forced a large number of it’s citizens to leave their homes in order to find refuge away from the fighting. This war was the teams motivation to work harder in parkour and it soon became the only escape from the distress of a devastated city. We traveled around the country to places such as, the Ancient Roman ruins in order to capture our progress in this sport on film, as well as, to share our love for the sport with the rest of Libya.

In November 2016 we initiated the Freerun Force Gym, which is where we provide a safe and secure environment for the next generation of free runners and to train them in the best ways we find possible. We continue to strive to give them the chance and opportunities we didn’t have growing up as free-runners and to allow them to become a part of the global parkour and freerunning society.

In May of 2018, Freerun force members Muhammed Eed and Jabr Ismew competed in WFPF’s Series 2018 in Mardin, Turkey which was recorded for television and is airing around the world.  Following the championship they also represented Libya at the IPF- International Parkour Federation international congress, also held in Turkey.

**”BEHIND THE WAR” Benghazi, Libya- WFPF Sponsored Parkour Team**


Freerun Force Athletes:

Muhammed Eed, a 23 year old architecture student, a former gymnast since 1999-2006, a Taekwondo player since 2008-2010 and a freerunner since 2007. A winner of multiple national championships in gymnastics and parkour and the 1st place winner of 2013 Libyan parkour and freerunning championship.

Jabr Ismew, a 25 year old medical student, a former Karate player since 2000-2003, a freerunner since 2008 and the 3rd place winner of 2017 Libyan Street workout championship.

Mahmoud Yakoup, a 21 year old architecture student, a Taekwondo player since 2007-2010, a freerunner since 2012, winner and a participant of multiple national Taekwondo championship and the photographer of the team.

Farag Eldrisi, a 27 year old sports science student, a free-runner since 2010, personal trainer and the manager of Freerun Force gym.

Freerun Force Libya Gap Jump Freerun Force Libya Building Sky

Freerun Force Libya Field

Jabr Ismew and Muhammed Eed in their athlete photos for WFPF’s Series 2018 – Mardin, Turkey

On the course for WFPF’s World Parkour Championship 2018 Mardin, Turkey!

At IPF- International Parkour Federation Congress in Turkey-  May 2018.   Jabr Ismew and Muhammed Eed representing LIBYA.

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