Omar Mokbel- EGYPT

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– Name : Omar Mokbel – Age : 22 – Nationality : Egyptian – Home address : Cairo, Egypt – Occupation : Business and Finance undergraduate university student – Bio : Started Parkour and Freerunning in 2011. Joined Egyflow team in 2012. Went to London in 2013 for the second time in my life but this time as a freerunner … Read More

Fatima Mouzoun- MOROCCO

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Hello, Ahlan, Bonjour!     My name is Fatima Mouzon and I’m from Meknes, Morocco.   I have a degree in business and marketing, speak Arabic, French, and English…and I love parkour!  I was the only woman to compete in the Meknes, Morocco Parkour day competition in September of 2017 along with 80 boys!     I started parkour in 2014 by … Read More

UP Movement- Kenitra, MOROCCO

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UP Movement is from Kenitra, Morocco and is the first WFPF Sponsored parkour team from Morocco!  UP Movement was formed in 2015 when Hellala Parkour, WFPF’s first affiliate team from Morocco, merged with Kenitra Traceurs to form one beautiful parkour family! #WFPFMorocco #WFPFMaroc #UPMovement And this one in Arabic:   Follow us on Instagram! @upmovement — is Sahli Bilal, Mourad Disha, Ahmed … Read More

Joe Zgheib- Beirut, Lebanon

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Hi, I’m Jo Zgheib. I was born in Lebanon in 1989. Growing up, I did wushu Kung Fu and was so inspired and affected by the legendary Jackie Chan that I started imitating his stunt moves. Then I started to see Parkour in the movies and in videos and it took all my attention and time! Downloading tutorials and training for … Read More

Ali Lami- Iraq

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My name is Ali Jowad Kadhim and I’m also known in the Parkour world as “Ali Lami”. I’m a Parkour athlete, novel writer, teacher/co-founder of IFPF (Iraq Freerunning Parkour Federation) , and a Parkour trainer (coach). I was born in Iran in 1993 and I’m fluent in three living languages Arabic, Farsi, English and familiar with Spanish. I moved to … Read More