Zahid Yaqoob Shah- Kashmir, INDIA

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Zahid Yaqoob Shah-  Founder of Kashmir Parkour-  from Kashmir, INDIA

Zahid Yaqoob Shah from Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir, India is the founder of Kashmir Parkour (Free Running).Inspired by WFPF Athlete Ryan Doyle, he has been practicing Parkour for the past six years. Self taught from YouTube. He has started practicing Parkour alone, but with time other Kashmiri guys joined him and it gave birth to Kashmir Freerunning and Parkour family. He is currently creating awareness in Kashmir about Parkour and is training youth basics of Parkour. He has introduced Parkour to Kashmiri youth and now training the first generation of Kashmir parkour with zeal.  His dream is to open a parkour school in Kashmir to help the children of Kashmir.  In 2018 WFPF invited Zahid to the United States to attend the three day WFPF Instructor Certification in New York City and also participate in the WFPF Business Training Internship program in New York, Arizona, and California.  In Manhattan, New York, Zahid spoke at the WFPF Parkour Information and Investor Summit along side WFPF co-founder Victor Bevine, and WFPF Sponsored Athletes Christopher Bogdanski, and Yessenia Cossio.  He also visited Scottsdale Parkour Freerunning in Arizona and met with and was mentored by owners Sylvia Pena Reichelt and Bruno Reichelt and head coach Francesco Caban.  He finished his WFPF business training in Los Angeles with WFPF Co-Founder David Thompson (pictured with Zahid below), where he was presented with his certificate of achievement for completion of the month long WFPF training program.  Also in attendance was one of his sponsors from Kashmiri Gathering North America, who sponsored Zahid’s travels.

Zahid with WFPF Co-founder Victor Bevine at WFPF Parkour Information and Investor Summit in New York and in second photo with Justin Conway, Chris Bogdanski, Victor Bevine, and Yessenia Cossio.

Zahid at Scottsdale Parkour Freerunning with head coach Francesco Caban and owner Sylvia Pena-Reichelt.

Zahid Yaqoob Shah-  Founder of Kashmir Parkour-  from Kashmir, INDIA- attends WFPF Level 1-2 instructor certification at Brooklyn Zoo in New York, New York!  

He saves lives with Parkour – Ep. 097 – Zahid Shah

You've seen insane parkour videos on YouTube, but do you know the actual purpose of this sport?Turns out it's way different than you might think…Check this out to see what we mean.-Thanks to WFPF for introducing us to Zahid, Hashim Hakeem for letting us use his footage from Kashmir, the Brooklyn Zoo NY for letting us film in their incredible facilities, Chris Bogdanski Shore for organizing, and to Zahid Shah for filming with us!-Let us know your thoughts in the comments, and then watch another episode!And remember to follow us on Instagram @nowherementv

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Zaid Shah interviewed by the BBC Network

Zahid Shah action WOW shot

Tell us something about yourself ?

My name is Zahid Shah. I am an artist, founder of Parkour and Freerunning in the state of Kashmir, a commerce graduate,& 1st degree black belt in karate.

When you started with free running & why?

I started Freerunning in the year 2012 and the reason is because I find freedom in it, Freerunning is free from any rule which really is why I started doing it because I never wanted myself to be bound by the rules with Freerunning its just you and yourself no rules.

Being from a place where such things are not so common, who or what inspired you to go for this kind of sport?

My 1st inspiration was Ryan Doyle whom I saw doing parkour on Nat Geo. His skills attracted me towards it & it was the moment that inspired me to get into Freerunning. It is not a sport, its an art, so it just feels great to be involved in this art and after that my friends who later joined me and trained parkour and Freerunning with me has been the biggest inspiration.

How hard it was to master this sport & what is your message to our audience, what it takes to success according to you ?

To be honest I am far away from mastering parkour and Freerunning I am just a student of movement and through this art everyday I am realizing the new potentials on human body. Lastly I would like to say as humans we still don’t know the full potential of ourselves, I want everyone to believe in themselves, there may be darkness but at the end of the tunnel there is always bright light waiting for you.

Kashmir Parkour Social Media-

Zahid Shah action shot Kashmir IndiaAnd on a lighter note… the gentler side of Zahid!!

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  1. The teacher who is indeed wise does not bid you to enter the house of his wisdom but rather leads you to the threshold of your mind.
    Zahid sir and u r the real hero i love u sir …

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