The Art of Filming in Creating Engaging Content

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The Art of Filming in Creating Engaging Content

It would be easy to assume that the most talented athletes in Parkour correspondingly attract the biggest following. However, the modern way in which Parkour is usually shared to audiences through social media means that, although ability is certainly a contributing factor, it is not the “be all and end all” in creating content that is engaging. Indeed, creativity and presentation of movement through film is a crucial factor in attracting attention to your videos.

Especially, as it’s important to remember that a large proportion of your audience may not be super knowledgeable on the specific difficulties of certain moves in Parkour. This means that you don’t necessarily need to be hitting the hardest moves to gain some proportion of attention from audiences. By using the leverage that filming creatively can give you, brings with it the opportunity of attracting attention to your content a lot easier.

Does the mean you have to invest big bucks on getting professional photographers/videographers to capture you?
This is one option if you have some spare cash, but it’s not essential.
Surrounding yourself with likeminded people who have a passion for Parkour and filming is a sufficient alternative. Or perhaps reaching out to someone who is trying to make a name for themselves in the video production industry, who will create content for you for free or a low price is another option. Furthermore, most modern phones have decent cameras and video editing software available on the app store, it’s therefore no longer essential to buy the newest or most expensive camera either.

A key factor in sharing content consistently is to not feel overwhelmed by the industry you’re in or who you are supposedly ‘competing’ with. Just share your own unique journey and progress with Parkour and you can still capture a decent proportion of attention with consistency. It’s not necessary to be the best in the world at Parkour before you start sharing your journey. Plus, by putting ‘fun’ at the centre of sharing your Parkour journey with the world, creating content will become so much easier and more enjoyable. Do some research into filming techniques and get creative with how you film to differentiate yourself from other people’s content and this will become useful leverage to build up your following.

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