Ryan Gregory

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Hi, my name is Ryan Gregory and I was born on June 14th, 1994. I currently live in St. Louis Missouri and have lived here most of my life. I started training parkour/freerunning almost 6 years ago! I strive to inspire others to pursue happiness within life and push their own limits and boundaries. I founded a team called Triumph Freerunning to bring the community together and spread the art of movement. I have made many of my dreams come true and given Triumph Freerunning a tangible future by opening Triumph Freerunning Academy, the first parkour/freerunning gym in Missouri.

I can’t say it wasn’t a challenge to open the gym, as it is with most big projects, but I REALLY had to rely on my “Parkour mentality” when, a week before we were set to open, a tornado came swept through my small town and made a direct hit on Triumph Freerunning Academy and leveled it to the ground! Here is the story: http://www.triumphfreerunning.com/blog

Freerunning athlete Ryan GregoryI had to pull myself up by the bootstraps, count on the support of my family, friends and the Parkour community, and a few months later, opened the gym!! I continue to travel, meet new people, film, push my boundaries, and hope to inspire others to do the same. I enjoy filming, riding motorcycles, urban exploring, climbing, hiking, making music, and doing photography in my spare time. In 2016 I was invited to compete as a Parkour Pro in the WFPF Parkour Pro-Am Championship Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas! It was an experience I will never forget, has motivated me to come home and am looking forward to competing again next year.


To find out about my gym, or to come and visit:


Triumph Freerunning Academy
749 Spirit of St.Louis Blvd
Chesterfield MO, 63005

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