Mike Young

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My name is Mike Young, I am 23 and from Salisbury UK.

Since the age of 10 I have wanted to be a stunt man so I joined the local Gymnastics club and also trained in my garden nearly every day.

I started Parkour around the age of 16 and it filled the void of being a stunt man, it gave me the excitement and happiness that I was looking for!

At the Age of 20 I started to teach Freerunning and I have been doing that up to now.

Alongside Freerunning I do cliff diving, Aggressive Inlining and snow sports.


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  2. Hi Mike, very excited about you teaching at saum academy after school…any chance you could go in and do some promo ..maybe in assembly..show your showreel maybe, my son is keen to come along but needs his friends convinced too.

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