Felix Quinton

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My Name is Felix Quinton and i’m from Hamburg, Germany.

My Background is though british as well, since my dad immigrated from the UK. I’ve been Training for about 6 years now. I got in touch with Parkour through my Passion to action and wanting to be good at something special. Before i started Parkour, I did a bunch of things, skateboarding was probably my hobby to that time. I happened to watch some Parkour videos online though a friend and really loved the way the people in their video were using their gifts to express themselves. So i started of trying to learn clips and precisions with my friends in the park. From that moment is was drawn in, i couldn’t stop training. It became i big part of my daily life. After about 2 Years of training, i started getting to know other free-runners outside my city and that was the moment i decided to Parkour for living. It was my dream to make Parkour to my life. Since then, Parkour has and hopefully always will be what do and love best. Parkour is more than just a hobby to me, it’s pretty much that what i love doing most. Parkour connects with everything, and thats why i enjoy training so much.

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