Dinesh Sunar- Aka “Parkour Dinesh”- Kathmandu, NEPAL

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Dinesh Family

Hello WFPF Family and World!  My name is Dinesh Sunar.  I am from Nepal (see all the photos below!!) and I was born in the Khotang District of Nepal.   I am 24 years old and President of Parkour Freeruning Association of Nepal.   Besides parkour, I work as a constable of the Nepali armed police force.   I am lucky because in the police force, my section is Nepal gymnastic sports of armed police force, so I am able to do what I love and include parkour.   Dinesh Ritual outfit

I am a two time gold medal winner in gymnastics (the national champion of Nepal) and one time silver.  I’ve been doing gymnastics and parkour since I was 15 years old, but my passion is and will always be parkour.  I taught myself parkour…  I practices on the sand, on the ground, on rivers and rocks, until I could do everything.   I am also the brand ambassador for a Nepali brand of shoes called “Caliber Shoes”, and I work in many Nepali movies as a stunt man and also in one movie Bollywood movie too.   In the summer of 2017, I attempted the Guinness World record for most twisting backflips off a wall in one minutes time.

Dinesh Buddha with Dhulikhel Crews member

I’m the Buddha!

Dinesh Birdseye View

I have a beautiful family- mother, father, one sister (she is Nepali woman second wrestler of Nepal history) and then my wife, and my little baby.  My passion is parkour freeruning.  I want to established it here and spread to the world all about Nepal parkour.  My aim is to participate in international parkour championships and representing Nepal become a champion representing my country.  Parkour is my life and I dream for good opportunities.  WFPF has helped me to do a working parkour internship in the United States.  I appreciate that they are recognizing me, my talent and my country to give me this good opportunity for my future because I work hard to get it… Parkour is my life, my breath, my everything!

Dinesh Cool Hand Luke

Guinness World Records Interview With “Parkour Dinesh” – Host: Bhagya Neupane




Dinesh TV Screen Shot  Dinesh with Beautiful Buildings

Dinesh in the green mountains Nepal

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