Never Give Up!

Emiliano PerezSponsored Media

This is the video of my friend from Argentina. He injured his right knee, but that did not stop him to continue training. He adapted, he never gave up! Thanks Chachito for this video so inspiring!

A Stealth Mission

Marcus WilsonSponsored Media

So me and Ryan went to Norwich for a day of training, later decided to have a cool down and catch the last bus home so we could catch some cool views of the city from some hefty new heights! We had to be as stealthy as we could on this one, as we had to get inside this abandoned … Read More

UConn Madness Part 2 Parkour Jam

TJ CoughlinSponsored Media

¬†This video sums up my trip to UConn for the UConn Madness Part 2 Jam. While I didn’t film as much as I would normally, I had an amazing time, and I think this video really captures the vibes of everyone who trained at the jam. #boxerrudis – TJ Coughlin

Afrika Adventure

Felix QuintonSponsored Media

This was taken in Senegal on Coast of Dakar. It was a beautiful evening with an amazing sunset!

How I managed my Tendinitis

Mike YoungFeatured, Sponsored Media

About 4-5 months ago I was experiencing patella tendinitis, which can be a common issue with Freerunning due to all the impact.¬† Basically it’s when your muscles can take the impact but your tendons can’t. This makes your tendons sore as they are taking more strain than they are used to. You can read more about Tendinitis at its Wikipedia … Read More