How I managed my Tendinitis

Mike YoungFeatured, Sponsored Media

About 4-5 months ago I was experiencing patella tendinitis, which can be a common issue with Freerunning due to all the impact.  Basically it’s when your muscles can take the impact but your tendons can’t. This makes your tendons sore as they are taking more strain than they are used to. You can read more about Tendinitis at its Wikipedia Article.

My friend Seb had previously had tendinitis and told me he had cured it by doing some tendon strengthening.  Here are some of the exercises I have been doing and have helped me.

1. Crab walking!
This is where you have elastics strapped around your ankles and step left to right, you should feel burning down the side of your leg.  I do this 3 times a day for 1-2 minutes each time.  Beautifully displayed here by this lady

2. Heel/Toe Raises
Pretty self explanatory, I do these whenever I am waiting for toast/coffee to heat up.  It’s good just to do these as a habit whenever your waiting around, I also do these weighted.

heel raise lady

Just keep consistent with these exercises, if you have just gotten tendinitis make sure you rest, do these exercises then start light training alongside these.

Even if you find this helps remedy your problem, keep doing the exercises alongside your muscle conditioning, it can’t hurt to have ultra strong tendons!!

I hope these tips help,