Sunset over my Hometown!

Marcus WilsonFeatured, Sponsored Media

WFPF Note: We got this epic photo submitted to the Sponsored Athlete Media feed, and we felt is was so good we wanted it on the frontpage! You can get the shirt Marcus is wearing at the KO Store. Colorful sunset over Beccles (Click for larger image) So after work, Ryan and I decided to train a bit. After some filming … Read More

There’s a huge risk in life….

Mike YoungSponsored Media

The quote I used in my latest video is actually a quote I have used to motivate me most of my life!  Here is the full quote: “Life is a risk, there’s a huge risk in life, the biggest risk in life is that you waste it. Is that you will be 80 years old and wishing you had done … Read More

Triple Backflip on Blades

Mike YoungSponsored Media

For those who don’t know me, I love to blade!  I want to be the first person ever to land a triple on a ramp, here’s me practicing into the good old foam!

Parkour + Friends = Fun

TJ CoughlinSponsored Media

Here is the latest edit I’ve made of my weekend with Martin Miller, Alec Shostek, Eddie Collins, Philippe Mallette, Hudson Bates, and more! I love these guys to death and this video really captures all of the fun things that go on when we train together.