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With halloween fast approaching, we’ve been enjoying some of the spookier parkour / freerunning videos from the last few years. Parkour has been working its way into more and more zombie films recently. Movies like ’28 Weeks Later’ had some parkour elements but more so the recent ‘World War Z’, or even videogames like ‘Left 4 Dead’ where every zombie can overcome walls and fences with ease. Here are our picks of some of the best zombie themed parkour short films to date!

First up is 3runs take on a zombie parkour video. We like how much story they’ve written into this one, and we think the way the camerawork feels very claustraphobic really adds to the tension of an impending zombie apocalypse. There is also a few beautiful helicopter camera shots in there during the big action, and the makeup and costume is exceptional.

Following that is a zombie short starring Jesse La Flair. This one has a much more viceral style, with quieter sound design and a slightly more ‘this could happen’ feeling about it. We especially liked the colours on this one as the stark and bleak look really accentuates the video.

Ronnie Shalvis is well known for his costume parkour videos and this one is no exception. Focusing more on the movements and environment here, you can see some ridiculous (and sometimes sketchy) movements being thrown, but it really fits with the zombie style as we think zombies should look sketchy anyway.

Bet you haven’t seen this one. Made by a small group of traceurs in Manchester, UK, this is possibly our favourite zombie parkour video. Its got action, drama, comedy and an amazing segment dedicated to Michael Jackson. The creativity here is exceptional, and the slightly lower production quality gives is a kind of homemade charm that sets it apart in its own way.

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