WFPF’s picks of the Parkour/Freerun Videos of Summer 2013

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Bangkok Dangerless

Video by: Team Farang
When this video dropped, we were blown away. Such a clever visual style with brown, golds and oranges dominating the piece. We also liked how it mixed in some sketchy movement, along with culture and even a nice bail for good measure.


Video by: Ampisound
Ampisound embarked on a rather ambitious challenge, to make a video a week for two months. This was their first release of that project, and while later videos went on to go super viral, we felt that this one really captured the spirit of summer.

Go Slow

Video by: Tim Shieff
Super smooth video by WFPF athlete, Tim Shieff. Shot all in one day, the incredible slowmotion and unique style of the movement (and wardrobe changes) give this video a feeling all of its own.

WFPF Crash Tour Europe 2013

Video by: Pip Andersen & WFPF
We sent some of our Athletes and friends on a little tour of Europe this summer. It was awesome to see the results of the trip, with them training all around the continent and clearly having a blast!

Mentality (pt2)

Video by: Adrian Pueyo
Recently the Spanish scene has been exploding! Adrian Pueyo has been regurlarly dropping some amazing videos, which impress with not only the parkour but also the ediitng. Keep on it Adrian!

Chaps on Tour 2013

Video by: Storror
What can we say here. The cheeky lads at Storror uploaded a bit of a bombshell recently with their chaps on tour video. Enjoy 14 mins of the boys getting into all sorts of mischief.

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