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The World Freerunning Parkour Federation (WFPF), the people who brought you MTV’s Ultimate Parkour Challenge, the most-watched Parkour event in history, are pleased to announce their latest brand collaboration, and their newest business initiative.



American Eagle Outfitters (AEO) tapped the WFPF creative team and their world-class athletes Gaetan Bouillet, Max Henry, Paul Joseph, and Tim Burton to create breathtaking video for their new Flex Denim Campaign. The idea was to demonstrate the incredible flexibility of AEO’s new line of jeans. Set for release on July 23rd, 2015 across multiple platforms, including online and in-store displays, teasers can already be seen on AE.com and on the AEO jumbotron in Times Square.

You can view a blog post from AEO about the new campaign HERE.


WFPF Business-in-a-Box

As part of their overall mission to grow Parkour worldwide, WFPF has partnered with USA Parkour, the leading provider of Parkour insurance through its member-based program, to launch a Parkour “business in a box”. Soon, anyone wishing to open a Parkour gym, or to add a Parkour program to an existing facility will find everything they need at WFPF.com. Along with insurance, the offering will include Parkour teacher certification, affordable equipment packages with full product liability insurance, program curriculum, design consulting, and a strategic branding and marketing partnership to ensure a safe and successful Parkour program. The initiative will have a soft launch at the USA Gymnastics Congress in Indianapolis, August 13-17, with a more formal offering set for September 15th.


Endorsed by forty of the world’s top athletes, and with affiliates in over 50 countries, WFPF continues to be an acknowledged leader of the global Parkour movement. Dedicated to the safe and respectful advancement of Parkour, the founders of WFPF will faithfully bring this philosophy of movement to the growing numbers of optimistic young people who believe that through camaraderie, discipline, self-expression and service to others, there is truly no obstacle that cannot be overcome.


For more information on AEO Flex denim and to see the awesome video content, click HERE:

Or, just go to Times Square in New York City or your local American Eagle Outfitters store! They are located all over the world! Find your nearest store here: http://storelocations.ae.com/search.html


New 2015 WFPF Parkour compilation videos featuring the men and women of the WFPF:

These just released, the 2015 (first part of the year with part 2 to before 2016) WFPF athlete video compilations!


WFPF Men’s Parkour compilation featuring the music of “My Diligence” the Belgium based rock group, and edited by Jonathan Hafichuk:


And the WFPF women’s compilation, featuring the vocals of Hollywood, California based Kaleena Zanders to the beats and grooves of Canadian dj group “Loud Luxury”, and edited by Amanda Voll:


To learn more about USA Parkour visit their website:


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