USA Parkour – Build Your Parkour Dream in America!

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The WFPF is excited to give you an update about USA Parkour and all they are doing! If you live in the United States and your dream is to open your own Parkour gym or start your own Parkour program, then you might want to take a look at all the USA Parkour does!


The Basics!

USAParkour ( ) has become the leading organization in the United States in the effort to help people build their own Parkour gym business. The USA Parkour mission is to spread the responsible practice of Parkour by offering peak enrollment insurance coverage and other membership services to gymnastics facilities, instructors, and college teams who share our vision that Parkour is a progressive discipline and philosophy that positively influences the lives of its practitioners, inspiring and enabling them to overcome the obstacles in their lives.

USA Parkour has helped many multi-use gymnastics facilities start Parkour programs in the past year. Parkour Gym, Ninja Gym, Multi-use gymnastics facility, College or University Parkour program…. USA Parkour can and has helped all these kinds of Parkour programs get started!


The Details!

-In order to enjoy USAP insurance and other USAP gym benefits, gyms must apply to become a USAP member gym.

-Some USAP member gyms started just a short time ago with less than 20 Parkour students and now have growing rosters of 200 and more.

-Parkour can be taught at any gymnastics facility with little or no start up costs utilizing existing equipment, floor space, and gymnastics instructors.

-Other facilities interested in being a “Parkour-only gym”, or adding a Parkour area to an existing fitness center will be eligible for comprehensive and affordable insurance coverage, as well as consultation, gym design, recommendations and special deals on equipment, and other business advice.

-Let us help you become a part of this exciting movement.


The Near Future!

There are currently 40 USA Parkour gyms and the number is growing with new gyms opening up this summer in Maryland, Kansas, Maine, California, Vermont, Alaska, and New York!

Check them out at:


And see a list of USA Parkour gyms at:


Find out about upcoming WFPF instructor certifications which will qualify you to teach at a USA Parkour gym (and keep checking back as we are always announcing new dates and locations) :

To contact: 646-688-2977

Or email:



The best way to see what is actually happening at USA Parkour gyms is to watch it for yourself!


Check out some of these USA Parkour gym’s videos, classes, programs and WFPF sanctioned competitions and certifications:

Scottsdale Parkour & Freerunning Summer Camp:


WFPF Level 3 Elite Instructor Certification at Scottsdale Parkour & Freerunning:


GCA Parkour Games at GCA Parkour in Fairfield, Connecticut:


Gymja Warrior youth and kids Parkour/Ninja classes in Danvers, Massachusetts:

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  1. We would like to know if you have any summer camp for youths aged 13/14 who would like to come to USA from the UK (french speaking but understanding quite well english) for 2 weeks to practice free running.
    Do you have already any young french boys coming?
    Thank you for your answer.

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