Sultan Flip- (Sobhan Feridoon Sohaili)- UNITED ARAB EMIRATES- DUBAI

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My name is Sultan Sohaili, I am a dedicated Parkour instructor from IRAN, born and raised in UNITED ARAB EMIRATES.

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I am 26 years old and have been doing Parkour for about 9 years, it is one of the best physical and mental exercises.

My other talents are Inline skating, Martial art tricking and Break dancing.

Since grade 1 until 8th grade, I was either getting first or second place in school athletic sports like high jump, long jump, 100-800m race etc.
From 9th-12th grade I was Team Captain for 3 consecutive years in Football, Basketball, Volleyball and Cricket.
I was famous to motivate students, even if it they were in a different team. I kept them all united for one cause which is sport.
Also to mention before exams, we usually study as a group and during the short breaks, I used to teach them how to flip, which drastically helped them to study efficiently and speedily.

After graduation My motive was clear, to Learn, Do and Teach.
To raise the community I started teaching freely for over 350 students,
I started to grow more and more passion into this sport. And started performing shows as a freelancer.

I am also a founder and member of:



A year ago from now I came to know WFPF because of David and Victor,
they directly contacted me through social media and we had a great Skype conference, and it widened my scope of opportunity to teach and raise the Parkour/Free running community in the Middle East.  They seem to be very understanding and help to solve matters in difficult situation.  They are the only organisation that can unite all the Parkour communities around the
world. We share the same passion, and I am sure that together we can achieve great things.
Last but not the least,
I have is one simple advice for those who wants to get involved in Parkour.
Training makes you perfect, so go out and train.
Thanks for reading!
Sultan Sohaili