“Sponsored Athletes” Explained

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Parkour has grown a lot since the WFPF was founded in 2007! While the overall level of talent has grown tremendously, the age of those talented athletes continues to shrink. This trend within the community has lead us to re-structure things here a bit, including the addition of a new class of athlete “Sponsored by the WFPF” and the absorption of Hot-Shots into Sponsored and Affiliate.

Sponsored Athletes bridge the gap between The Official WFPF Athletes and our Affiliate program with no restriction on age. They are individuals with a real passion for Parkour & Freerunning culture. Being physically talented is certainly an important component of this; however, as the global community continues to become more connected, those who regularly appear in videos, photography, and have a strong community involvement will continue to shape the future of the movement.

Our aim is to help equip these individuals with tools to help them get their names and faces out there and receive credit where credit is due. This is not a passive honor; however, as the list of Sponsored Athletes will be curated every 6 months to ensure that each member is active and participating. This is to ensure we provide as much opportunity to hard working athletes as possible.

Check out our first Sponsored Athletes here!

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