Saskia Neville

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I am is Saskia Neville, 25 years old and originally from the Netherlands. I hold a degree in cellular and molecular biology, but now devote my time fully to freerunning and parkour.

I discovered parkour and freerunning about 7 years ago; being a perfectionist coming from the gymnastics world of rights and wrongs, parkour offered a new perspective on movement. It’s become an integral part of my life and has changed my ways of thinking about movement resulting in a much happier me!

Always having been adventurous and active I’ve practiced many other activities ranging from modern dance to martial arts and surfing. I enjoy looking for a new challenges, preferably outside of my comfort zone, which is where parkour comes into the picture. There are endless challenges, so much so I can chose the type of challenge depending what I feel like; physical ability (distance/height), technical ability (new tricks or awkward challenges) or mental ability (doing something I find scary – even when I know I’m easily capable of it).

I’ve also been lucky enough to enjoy the adventures that come with professional freerunning since 2014 – visiting new places and meeting new people whilst showcasing what I love doing. That’s why I’ve chosen to prioritise parkour and freerunning, pushing myself to get better each week to see what I can achieve and what experiences I can dive into!
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