Run Faster Jump Higher USA Tour

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Mission: To spread peace, love, joy, and freedom through the art of movement.

Run Faster Jump Higher (International Peace Movement) began as a dream to united Parkour and Freerunning communities from around the world.  A United States tour has always been on our hearts to do.  As we Traveled through the United States we met some amazing people and visited some of the nation’s most iconic landmarks.  All the Parkour communities have been so inviting and made us feel right at home.  Spending so much time together with the tour group has helped us grow together as a family.  We have been carrying a very inspirational message everywhere we go (Follow your dreams)

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This adventure has been filled with days of overwhelming joy.  At the same time we have faced adversity throughout the tour but embraced it as a challenge.  These moments brought us together and in the end made us a stronger team.  Along this journey we have been reunited with old friends and family members.  The entire tour has lifted all our spirits aswell as those around us.  All the people we have encountered have been so encouraging and happy for us.  We have also gained a lot of support from Parkour companies and Christian companies from all over the world. With everyone’s combined help, this tour was made possible!

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Tour members:  Michael Hartwig, Aaron Burns, Tony Phomduangsy, Grant Kistenbroker, Kevin Noyola, Leann Schwarz, Steve Dahlin, Dustin Langsdorf, Brian Doyle, and Jon Ferrer

Tour Route:  Milwaukee, St. Louis, Denver, Utah, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Temecula, Santa Monica, San Diego, San Francisco, Folsom, Redwoods National Park, Portland, Seattle, Missoula, Yellowstone National Park, Sylvan Lake, Minneapolis, Ledge Park

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