Renae Dambly

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Hello, I am Renae Dambly.
I was born in Denver, Colorado in ’96. Currently, I am studying exercise science – physiology at Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado.

I have been training parkour for about 5 years and coaching parkour for 3 years. Parkour has been my inspiration to go to school to study the human body and movement. It has also sparked the motivation to keep pushing myself to become a stronger person both physically and intellectually. I am currently working towards a doctorate of physical therapy with a specialization in ankle and knee injuries.

Since I can remember my life has revolved around athletics. Activities that I have been a part of include soccer, karate, rock climbing, breakdancing, varsity track and field, and rugby. I have always been that active kid that tries every sport no matter the challenge, which makes parkour the perfect challenge. Parkour has no limits or restrictions it allows for experimentation of movement. I love that.

At present I work as a USAG gymnastics coach and a Parkour EDU certified coach. I also compete on my college’s rock climbing team for bouldering and speed climbing.

I believe there is something in all of us, a passion, that we have that can lead us to discovering ourselves. For me that is parkour.

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