Rebecca Starborne

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Rebecca Starborne got her athletic start in aggressive in-line skating and skateboarding in her early teens. She picked up her first pair of SOAP shoes in her late-middle school years and began running around on playground equipment doing skating tricks without the skates. Years later she would discover the world of parkour and slowly simmer into the community. She now teaches at Urban Evolution in Alexandria, VA leading various seminars for women and endurance events.

Rebecca is also highly engaged in the world of Obstacle Course Racing. She competed in the OCR World Championships in 2016, placing 15th amongst the competitive females. She is currently pursuing certification in personal training through the ACSM as well as her Spartan SGX certification. Her goal is to inspire others and help them find the best them that they can be, training mind, body, and spirit.

Outside of fitness Rebecca enjoys playing guitar, piano, and the occasional video game.

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