Pro Jam at the Airborn Academy

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airborn logoThis weekend, professional athletes from around the world gathered together at the Airborn Academy in Liverpool, England for the two-day Pro Jam! Storm Freerun, Air Wipp, Storror, Tempest, and 3Run were only some of the excellent teams from around the world in attendance. The two-day event included four, four-hour sessions where budding traceurs had the opportunity to jam with the pros. Naturally, some stellar movement went down as we explored what the Academy had to offer. With two Olympic grade trampolines, a sick platform and bar setup next to the foam bit, AirTrack, sprung floor, and ModuBlox set-up, this gym is by far the best facility in the UK for training.

Photos by Ben Ellis

Props to the dudes from FreeZ for dropping this video so quickly. The first half features some nice movement in downtown Liverpool (such a cool city – check it out if you haven’t been) and the rest will give you a taste of just how incredible Airborn Academy is. Those Modublox are actually re-configurable, so you can keep the setup fresh!

Want to see even more action at the gym? Check out this video that just dropped on the Flow channel documenting the grand opening. There’s some mad creativity here from Tim Shieff, Kie Willis, Marcus Gusafsson and Ryan Doyle that you won’t want to miss!

We had an amazing time seeing old friends, making now ones, and blasting out some sick training over the weekend. Make it over and check out the Academy for yourself if you can. Hopefully we’ll see a lot more amazing gyms like this popping up around the world and continuing to raise the bar on epic Parkour facilities.

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  1. Hi, Jordan from Thorn3Run here, just thought I’d begin with saying how well put together the article is, the pictures really capture how amazing the academy is whilst showing the levels of skill that the athletes are at. I am wondering if it is at all possible to share my groups edit of not only the Pro Jam but the opening too, found here I am not denying Free-Z made a great video of their time in Liverpool, in fact they are some of the people I look upto, but our video was released beforehand and it is similarly produced to a very high standard with top quality movement. I know it will not be recognised because our name is not known within the ‘pro’ community, all I ask is that you watch it and do with it as you feel fit. Thanks.

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