Parkour in Colleges & Universities

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Parkour seems like a dramatic and rather dangerous discipline for outsiders. For those who practice it, it’s the most exciting physical activity, ever. They push the limits of their bodies and they interact with the surroundings in a totally unexpected way.

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With the growing popularity of the discipline, maybe we’ll have a dedicated Parkour University in near future. Can you imagine that? You apply and get accepted at a school that’s all about the sport you like the most. You learn together with other students and you continuously get better.

Until that vision comes true, students are bound to traditional Universities. But you know what? They are getting fun, too. There make great investments in innovations in sport, so we’re seeing dedicated clubs in many of them.

How about a list of the most interesting Parkour clubs in Colleges and Universities?

Top List: University Parkour Clubs

  1. Auburn University, AL (Auburn Parkour – AUPK)

Auburn Parkour works as an organization within Auburn University. Its mission is to provide a safe environment where beginners can learn essential movements and make fast progress.

They have a pretty active Instagram profile that shows the club members in action.

  1. University of Texas, San Antonio, TX (UTSA Parkour)

This club was founded in 2011, and it’s still going strong. The goal is to welcome everyone interested in Parkour, and showing them how to practice it safely. The UTSA Parkour Facebook page gives a lot of info about the activities.

  1. University of Michigan, MI (Michigan Parkour – MIPK)

Any student who wants to learn Parkour techniques and gain some conditioning is welcome into the club. No previous experience is required. You can check out the schedule and get more info on the university’s website.

  1. Louisiana Tech University, LA (LA Tech AGM)

There’s not much information about this club online, but you can find more info on campus. The club has regular weekly meetings, depending on the schedule of its members.

  1. Champlain College, VT (Champlain Parkour)

This is one of the most active clubs at Champlain College. It was founded in 2010, and the attendance continuously grows. It’s open for both beginners and advanced Parkour enthusiasts.

  1. University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, MN (University Parkour and Free Running Enthusiasts)

If you join this club, you’ll learn about the Parkour philosophy, but you’ll also gain some practice. They teach conditioning and techniques, as well as stretching exercises.

  1. University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, IL (Parkour Illinois)

The mission of this club is to teach Parkour techniques and support the members while practicing. The club is focused on maintaining safety while elevating parkour to the level of art.

  1. University of Virginia, VA (Parkour and Freerunning at UVA)

At the University of Virginia, there’s a Parkour Association. It’s an independent organization that provides safe environment for students to train and become confident in Parkour techniques. The campus is packed with great places to do Parkour.

  1. Washington State University, WA (Freerun WSU)

Parkour, Freerunning, and motion and general – that’s the focus of this club. The students of Washington State University can become part of this controlled environment where they can improve their flexibility and strength, gain confidence, and learn different Parkour techniques.

  1. California State University, Fullerton, CA (CSUF Parkour/Freerunning)

CSUF has over 325 clubs and organizations that are very active. The campus community is strong thanks to the tendencies of students to join clubs. There’s a Parkour and Freerunning club, too. The members are welcoming to all new students who want to join.

  1. University of California, San Diego, CA (UCSD Parkour)

The Parkour and gymnastics clubs at UCSD are closely connected. They collaborate to share and practice different techniques. The club gives you a fun environment for you to explore and push the physical limits of your body.

  1. Michigan State University, MI (MSU Parkour)

If you check the MSU Parkour and Freerunning YouTube channel, you’ll see how much fun these students have. You can join them at any time; just get some information on campus.

  1. Wichita State University, KS (Wichita State Parkour and Freerunning)

The Facebook page hasn’t been active since 2016, and there’s not much information about the club online. But it still exists. If you want to bring it to life, you can join and invite few enthusiastic friends to share the experience.

  1. San Diego State University, CA (SDSU Parkour)

Now we’re talking about a truly active club. If you check the Facebook page of San Diego Parkour Club, you’ll see that the members post daily updates for the community. You’ll also notice that they staged an actual park and they have great gym equipment that helps them train. This is an open club, but there’s a separate club at San Diego State University, too.

  1. Kent State University, OH (Kent Parkour Club)

At Kent State University, the parkour club has an unofficial club status. It was once considered an official club, but that’s no longer the case. Still, the community is still active and they are ready to welcome new athletes.

  1. Pennsylvania State University, PA (PSU Parkour)

There’s an unofficial Parkour community at Penn State. They don’t function as an actual club, but you’ll easily see them around campus. There’s a YouTube channel called Parkour Powell, which showcases Parkour activities at this university.

  1. Colorado School of Mines, CO (Colorado School of Mines Traceurs Club)

If you search for the keyword Parkour at the university’s website, you won’t find anything. But there is a Traceurs club, which offers opportunities for learning and practicing creative movements. Check it out!

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You Can Start a Club, Too!

Parkour is a social activity. You can practice it alone, but it’s way more fun when you can share techniques and practices with others. At university, you can connect in communities based on interest.

We listed some of the best college Parkour clubs above. You can’t find such a club at your campus? Why don’t you start it? All universities support clubs. Just get informed and do what you need to do to assemble a great group of people around you. You’ll have fun moments that make college life less stressful.


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