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WFPF Parkour Athlete Nicholas CoolridgeNicholas Coolridge is a Movement Artist and recognizable athlete in the Free Running and Parkour world. Many will know Nicholas from his kind spirited positive lifestyle and constant excitement for movement or by his breath taking stunts and electrifying energy seen on TV, online or during live performances.

Besides his more recent work with top photographer Bruce Weber as a Parkour model and also having one of the first viral Parkour videos on youtube, Nicholas was the only competitor to complete the American Ninja Warrior finals in Venice July 2015. His run posted on Facebook within a week had 2.1 million views.

The stunning posts on his instagram account launched last year @ModernTarzan now has over 39,000 followers and counting with great engagement from his fans. He’s committed his life to sharing his creative movement and being a positive influence to the world by being drug free, earth friendly and spreading optimism. Reading through the comments on his daily posts you’ll see that he is already off to a great start with nothing but positive feedback.

Fascinated with just about anything and being very open to new experiences and knowledge, you name it and Nicholas has probably done it. Some of his more passionate hobbies besides defying gravity are playing piano, auto mechanics, survival camping, wood sculpting, Paragliding, Acro Yoga, cooking, and making random people smile. If you get a chance to work with him you’ll experience a high level of professionalism above the norm.

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  1. Hello,
    Let Me First Say That Your Sport Is An Amazing One. I Grew Up NVer Knowing It Existed Until I Met My Husband. He Was A Break Dancer And Wld Do Something Called All Terraining, I Dont Know If That Is Similar But It Was Still Pretty Cool To Watch.
    I Am Writing A Book That HaS Pakour Scenes In It, My Husbannd Says They Are Too Vague, That There Should Be More Movement But I Have Yet To Have A Second Opion. Would You Be Willing To Be That secod opinion?
    Also, Is Lindsey Sterling A Popular Musician Among Your Sport As A Source Of Inspiration?
    Many Blessings,
    Refuge t.

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