Ilya Semyonov

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Name: Ilya Semyonov

DOB: 26.06.1990

Heght: 6’1″

Weight: 183 lb

Build: Athletic

Skills: FreeRunning, Parkour, Acting, Stunts, Modelling

I was born and live in Saint-Petersburg. Before doing parkour I was a member of National Water Polo Team for 8 years. It was a great background for my mind and my body to start training parkour. I’ve been doing parkour since July 2006. I train six days a week now and really love what I do. Parkour is a state of mind, my mentality, my sweat and my blood. With each passing day I want to perfect myself, to get stronger and wiser. Many people say I inspire them to do parkour and this is the best motivation for me. I really want to make the world a better place by doing parkour. I’ve been doing stunt work since Janyary 2007. I have an official stuntman category of the Russian Federation. Also I have been working in film and video production since 2010.┬áIt’s an honor for me to join WFPF.

Peace, Friendship, Bubble Gum!