How to Write Interesting Content About Parkour

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Parkour is officially considered a sport, but it’s way more than that. Parkour is an immersive experience that replaces walking with running, jumping, and flying through hoops, making the one who practices it united with their body and promoting a deeper understanding of one’s environment. It’s a popular sport among young Europeans, and most of them consider it a lifestyle. On the internet, there’s diverse content on parkour, from articles to tutorials to YouTube videos. But writing interesting content about parkour can be quite simple, especially if you are a pro essay writer.

How to Write Engaging Content on Parkour

When writing content about parkour, most expert writers often focus on three major categories. These include:

  1. History
  2. Tutorials
  3. Interesting tips and facts.

These three categories are not just the most important parts of parkour, they’re also the most exciting and reader receptive categories. They represent the core of parkour, and we’ll discuss how to break them down to create interesting content about parkour.


Parkour can be traced all the way back to France during World War 1, to a training regime called “la m├ęthode naturelle”. It involved a series of jumping, running, and fitness exercises that are designed to improve one’s agility and flexibility. However, this was not where Parkour officially started. That would be in the 1950s when a man called Raymond Belle went through this regime while in the military. He would later retire and enroll in the fire department where he put his skills to good use.

He was famous for climbing buildings and scaling difficult obstacles to save people and put out fires. It is his son David Belle who perfected the art and then got credited as the father of Parkour.

David trained with his father and a few of his friends to further push the craft. They were known as Yamakasi, and in no time at all, they became very famous. They soon started public performances and even inspired a movie about their antics.

Parkour has since gone on to feature in several popular movies and sitcoms such as The Office.

“The office parkour” is a hilarious adaptation of the sport in this comedy show.

When writing about parkour and its history, you could try to be specific about a particular location. For instance, how did it move from France to Britain where it is called free running?

A history of the evolution of Parkour and its moves is also considered interesting content. It has since gone beyond military training, and these days you can even see kids parkouring. Writing about notable names in parkour is also highly advisable as it is doubly educational because there are some great names like Ryan Doyle or Jason Paul.

You can interest your readers by writing about the big names and big teams in the sport. Try looking up valuable and trustworthy resources on the history of Parkour if you need a little guide to aid your writing.


Anywhere you go, it’s easy to find online tutorials about parkour. There are an absolute plethora of videos on how to learn parkour, and most times it’s just parkour masters showing off.

Truth is, it takes a lot of dedication and discipline to master parkour and move around like a ninja. No one starts parkour by jumping huge gaps between buildings. You have to start first by training your body, and training yourself around one obstacle.

One could face one obstacle for weeks, but there’s a system to the madness. It’s the basic thing to do till you develop a traceur’s eye ( a traceur is a person who actively practices parkour). With the traceur’s eye, you see more ways around an obstacle than one. You could also watch online tutorials that would teach you safe moves for beginners.

Writing about moves in parkour is a very good way to create content for parkour. There are tons of moves and styles, and if you’re trying to impress your readers, you should go in-depth into this category.

For instance, although parkour is also called freerunning by some, there are subtle differences that separate the two. While parkour is passed down from military training and is focused on efficiency in getting past obstacles, freerunning is focused more on the flashy parts of parkour.

While they’re both similar, freerunning is like the jock student who would rather party all night while parkour is the nerd who stays up all night reading for a pop quiz.

It’s the same school and they’re both students but they are definitely worlds apart. Writing about these differences is a great way to create content.

Parkour incorporates a series of moves into its repertoire that people use. Its basic movements include:

– Kong vault

– Monkey vault

– Cat leap

– Parkour roll.

As the sport evolves, there are new and more diverse moves, and writing about them is another great way to create content, as people from different countries and places can read about them and incorporate them into their own moves.

Interesting Facts and Tips

Like every other sport(and every other industry in existence), you can never go wrong when writing about interesting facts and tips. It’s a sure way to create content that’ll excite your readers. It’s also a bit easier to write interesting tips, facts, and tricks about parkour because the sport itself is super interesting and exciting. Let’s go through some of the common tips and tricks of parkour that you’d need to keep yourself safe from injuries when training or running.

  • Warm-Up: It’s always a good idea to warm up and get your body ready for motion. Warming up will wake your body up, loosen your joints, and prepare you for quick action.
  • Learn from the mistakes of others: Understanding the common ways in which people get injured is a great way to make sure you avoid their mistakes and get through without injury. Most injuries, at least serious ones, generally have a similar pattern to them, and learning from these is advisable.
  • Practice how to fall: In Parkour, this is often referred to as a “bail” or “escape”. It’s used to refer to the act of falling safely or getting out of a move gone wrong. It’s advisable to practice and drill this safety measure into yourself to ensure you do avoid injuries from accidents that are bound to occur in Parkour.

Final Thoughts

Content writing can be a bit challenging, even for pro essay writers. But when it comes to parkour, writing awesome content is not as hard as it is in other industries and sports.

One just needs to pick a niche, and with enough research, one can easily learn how to write interesting content about Parkour.

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