Happy Halloween! Costumes & Parkour!

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Halloween…a time for candy, costumes, parties AND training with friends! Traceurs and freerunners are some of the most creative people on the planet, so when it comes to Halloween, it’s no wonder videos start cropping up of costumed athletes in action! We’ve put together this collection of Halloween themed videos featuring some of our favorites. Some are new, some are old, but we bet you haven’t seen at least one of them! Enjoy!

3RUN Halloween Showdown. This first one was just released today by 3Run! The quality level of this video is really solid. Props to 3Run for continuing to push video-making to the next level! “Adam is on his way to a party when all of a sudden strange things start to happen. Will he get out alive? Watch and see.”

Next up is “Daggettween 2011” From Visive Productions. If the title is a bit confusing, “Daggettween” is the jam name celebrating Alex Daggett’s birthday and Halloween (Happy Birthday Alex). Kie Willis, Phil Doyle, the Storror chaps, and the rest of the UK gang meet up and jam some of the most excellent London spots. Spoiler Alert – This video contains a bee tutu.

Traceurs In Disguise” is an oldie but goodie from Ampisound covering the 2009 Daggettween Jam (the very first costumed Daggettween jam in London!). Lots of solid training in this one and if you ever wanted to see Phil Doyle dressed as a monk, training barefoot…this video is for you. It’s amazing to see how young everyone looks in this one just 4 years ago!

Our last video is “NEPK Halloween Jam 2012” from the guys at New England Parkour. While this video hardly has a view count (yet), it reminds us just how fun training with friends can be. It features some solid moves, some guys clearly learning new stuff, traceur antics, and of course awesome costumes. Drop a comment and let them know which costume was your favorite!

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