GCA Parkour Games – Our picks of the submissions so far

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On June 21 – 22, in Fairfield, Conneticut, the GCA Parkour games is going down. Sanctioned by the WFPF, the event will feature a new competitive gameplay, along with training and good times for all. As part of the run-up to the event, athletes have been invited to submit for a place at the event, and boy have we seen some good submissions so far. The level of talent coming through is really amazing. It makes us happy to see Parkour growing as it is, especially in the USA. If you are able to make the event, check the facebook page here. Else, here are a selection of some of our favorite submission videos so far!

Josh Dohy

Eddie Collins

Johnny Donohoe

Murphy Betancourt


Greg Eckels

We’re wishing the best of luck to everyone involved. We’ll be there on the day so drop by and say hello!

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