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Launched in early 2013, Flow has rapidly grown over the last year. Positioning itself as a hub for PK/FR content on youtube, the channel has been host to a number of films, documentaries and community content. We selected five videos we feel are some of the best on the channel, to feature for you here.

This is a great example of what we like about Flow. Putting athletes into situations and leaving them to play, come up with their own ideas and experiment. It resulted in some of the most enjoyable content to watch, and we look forward to more Walters & Shieff content!

Travelling is a big part of the Parkour & Freerunning culture. Exploring new places, meeting new people and seeing different sides of life. In this Hong Kong documentary, you can see Tim Shieff and friends experience the culture of the city.

This video, starring and produced by Storror, is another excellent example of a strong brand sponsorship with self-produced parkour content. We particularly loved the edit on this one, which really captures the busy feeling of London.

Getting insight to the local communities through the Flow goes series has been awesome to see. In this documentary, produced by the Manchester locals, the style of training and attitude they have really shines through. This one is a fantastic example of a solid training community and is probably our choice for the most important video of this batch to watch!

Who says getting old means you have to stop moving?! In this piece, Tim introduces Beau Kendall, one of the most inspirational of the older practitioners. This guy is amazing, throwing stuff thats seriously huge, and not letting anything stop him. Madness.

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