Erik Mukhametshin

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I`m Erik Mukhametshin, I’m from Samarkand (Uzbekistan) and I’ve been training more than 15 years!

I started when I was maybe 2-3 years old. My mom went with me to the gym (Judo) and I saw some people doing flips, I was amazed and I really wanted to do flips too. I tried some flips onto a crashmat and afterwards I tried flips in my home. I also love to watch movies with Jackie Chan! I start training Parkour in the street on scaffolding and a little later I start training break dancing.

When I was 9, I learned to swim and one day after I went to the bridge and jumped into water from 10, 15 and then 20 meters. For me, sand was a gym, so I spend summers training on the river. Two years later I could do double flips and dives. I would be training all day with my friends, parkour, breakdance, diving.

One day I saw ┬áthe movie YAMAKASI. It was so cool and fun looking. After two years, I find out that my sports name is ‘Parkour’ but if you understand, the name doesn’t matter to me, only to move.

4 Comments on “Erik Mukhametshin”

  1. Hi dear of my desire is to see you one day.could u give me your phone number I want you to see my movement and give me your special style

  2. hi erik pls do come to malaysia,penang on november or december because these months are the only time that the freerunners r free and i really want to meet u
    ive watched u in the red bull art of motion competetion. i really want to meet u and pls do reply

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