Dimitris ‘DK’ Kyrsanidis Wins Art of Motion Santorini 2014

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Woo! WFPF Sponsored Athlete, Dimitris ‘DK’ Kyrsanidis, absolutely slayed the art of motion event this year. With a score of 494 out of 500, he threw some clean movements and ultimately managed to nab the top spot. Rocking his Know Obstacles shoes, he dominated with clean movements, a big double side, double full and with tidy parkour movements in-between. A real example of what makes a great run for the event, clean lines and skilful movements. Its really great to see him going from strength to strength, from his on-site qualification last year, to his first place this year. Good job DK!

DK wins art of motion 2014 santorini

We also saw great runs from latvian WFPF Athlete, Pavels ‘Pasha’ Petkuns, who displayed his signature creative style. Another podium finish for him, what a boss!

pasha santorini 2014 second place

Finally we have Alexander ‘Bait’ Baiturin from Russia, who took third but also won the best trick award for his amazing double front giant to dive roll?! What a disgustingly talented man.

bait third place santorini art of motion 2014

Congratulations to all the competitors in this years event, its great seeing the AOM progress over the years into an event thats really allowing developing talent to flourish, and with this years top 6 all being relatively new to competition, its clear to see that is happening.

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