Chance ‘Mini Tarzan’ Gray

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Chance Gray WFPF Parkour Athlete

My name is Chance ‘mini Tarzan’ Gray and I was born in Seattle, WA in 2001. When I was a year and a half old my family moved to Las Vegas, NV and we’ve lived there ever since. I started in Parkour about 2 years ago when my aunt got me trial lessons for my birthday. I was instantly hooked. Since then I’ve trained very hard, hoping to someday make a career out of it.

Chance Gray Freerunning AthleteIn spring of 2015, I did some warm-up shows and helped to coach new comers during a display for my gym at the downtown Las Vegas Container Park. At the 2016 All-Star Games in Vegas (the first year parkour was invited to this event) I performed in the opening ceremonies, as well as competed in the young parkour division narrowly missing 3rd place.

Other passions of mine would be animals and horror movies. Maybe in the future I could combine all of these passions into a great show!

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