Krapkilling – Kacper Lipski

Kacper LipskiFeatured, Sponsored Media

WFPF NOTE: We’re proud to sponsor Kacper Lipski, from team Sick Mode, and when he and the team went to the Krap Invaders event in Italy, we knew amazing stuff was going to go down. We revisited this video and were re-inspired, so we had to get it up on the frontpage for you to enjoy again too! I had … Read More


Marcus WilsonSponsored Media

One Small Step is a Video project that Myself and I have been working on since the beginning of this year, now that I’m injury free that is. I have greatly enjoyed making this, as it’s my first real project of my own where I have edited and in a way directed it so Please subscribe to my Youtube if … Read More

Birth of a Gym

Josh DohyFeatured, Sponsored Media

Recently my business partner, long time friend, organization, and now employer, Breathe Parkour opened up their brand new Breathe Space in northeastern Calgary, Canada. Watching somebody’s dream go from merely a Google Sketchup project to a tangible and finished project is absolutely astounding. Many reading pieces are from a owner’s point of view, this time things are much different and … Read More

2014 Preview

Marcus WilsonSponsored Media

So this is a little Preview for this year, throughout the video you may or may not notice I have a cast on my right hand, as it’s last years footage where I’m injured. I didnt want to put it to waste, so instead I released it. Keep a eye out this year as, I’m aiming to release a lot … Read More

Starting 2014 – Above the City

Marcus WilsonFeatured, Sponsored Media

WFPF NOTE: We’ve noticed a bit of a trend in the PK/FR community recently. Urban exploration and place-hacking seems to be on a lot of peoples minds at the moment, and we think that as long as you are safe with your adventures, you should enjoy the places movement can take you! Started the year off nicely with a days … Read More

Power Of Will – DK

Dimitris KyrsanidisSponsored Media

Hey everyone! This is my new video!! But i still need much support to get this known to the world 🙂 Please help with your like and share 🙂

The Monkey Vault Movement Training Centre

Marc SelbyFeatured, Sponsored Media

WFPF Note: Canada has been on our radar more and more recently, and this video by sponsored athlete Marc Selby, shot at the Monkey Vault centre in Toronto, shows how much the level and support for Parkour has grown! Wow! Recently myself, Josh Brauer, Mich Todorovic, Curtiss Randolph, Jared Davis, and some other big Canadian dudes were flown down to Toronto from provinces … Read More

Fun Run from the Xmas Jam in Hamburg, Germany

Felix QuintonFeatured, Sponsored Media

WFPF NOTE: With christmas bearing down upon us, we’re all busy preparing for the big day! Its nice to see that UNTAMED over in Hamburg are still going for it though, and this little video excerpt from their christmas jam is a fun little watch! Just a small sequence we filmed during the UNTAMED Xmas Jam. It was a lot … Read More