Pro Jam at the Airborn Academy

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This weekend, professional athletes from around the world gathered together at the Airborn Academy in Liverpool, England for the two-day Pro Jam! Storm Freerun, Air Wipp, Storror, Tempest, and 3Run were only some of the excellent teams from around the world in attendance. The two-day event included four, four-hour sessions where budding traceurs had the opportunity to jam with the … Read More

Bad Parkour Movie Night 1: No Hope

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Here at the WFPF, we do enjoy a good action movie. More and more feature films are incorporating an elements of Parkour or Freerunning in their action sequences, and there is definitely a wide and diverse range of content out there. Instead of rounding up the best examples of a film, we’ve put together our picks of some of the most laughable … Read More

Interview with New Sponsored Athlete: Josh Dohy

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Who are you? I’m Josh Dohy, most people just call me Dohy (doh-wee). Where are you from? I’m from the inconsistently beautiful Calgary, Alberta, Canada! When did you start getting involved with Parkour/ Freerunning? Back in 2006 I watched Oleg Vorslav’s “Russian Climbing” video and I thought it was absolutely breathtaking at the time. It inspired me to climb trees … Read More

Words for a New Year

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Its a new year, and for a lot of us, a time for reflecting on the achievements, challenges and experiences of the year just gone by. Many of us also make (and often break) a new years resolution. We sat down and thought about some inspirational figures from a range of physical disciplines, and selected a few words that inspired … Read More

Merry Christmas from the WFPF

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Christmas is a special time. A time for family. When we think about what it means to practice Parkour and Freerunning, we like to think that we are all one family through movement. We hope you enjoy your holidays, wherever you are. We are blessed to have so many in our WFPF family, and we hope to welcome new members … Read More

Interview with WFPF Sponsored Athlete: Dimitris ‘DK’ Kyrsanidis


Who are you? I am who I am haha. My name is Dimitris Kyrsanidis but everybody calls me “ DK “, from the first letter of my name and surname. Where are you from? I am from the beautiful Thessaloniki, Greece. When did you start getting involved with Parkour/Freerunning? I started Parkour and Freerunning about 6 years ago, 2007… How … Read More

KO Shoes Winner + Second Giveaway!

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We’re proud to announce that Dan Corbin has won a brand new pair of KO’s! Well done Dan! We’re going to be giving away a second pair of shoes next week. Want to be in with a chance of winning? Simply sign up to our mailing list with the below button. We will then pick a winner from the new signups in … Read More

Growing into Challenge, an Interview with Ihab Yassin

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We’ve been loving the videos you guys have been sending us in to have a look at through our ‘Share with the WFPF’ page. We had one particular video share by Ihab Yassin, from Germany, which we found to be truly a representation of the real spirit of parkour, overcoming obstacles. After taking some time to get in touch with … Read More

Happy Halloween! Costumes & Parkour!

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Halloween…a time for candy, costumes, parties AND training with friends! Traceurs and freerunners are some of the most creative people on the planet, so when it comes to Halloween, it’s no wonder videos start cropping up of costumed athletes in action! We’ve put together this collection of Halloween themed videos featuring some of our favorites. Some are new, some are … Read More