Carlo ‘Karl FOW’ Peraza

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My name is Carlo ‘Karl FOW’ Peraza.

I started Parkour approximately 8 years ago. My evolution has been rapid and fruitful, thanks to the physical and psychological training that I have developed throughout my life and even more now thanks to PARKOUR.

This society is repressive with people who have different thoughts and do not accept evolution, right now few humans are developing, in my country we have few resources to train, to evolve every day, but never mind we can be great human beings.

Why train? What is the objective? Parkour training is to be a better person every day, now I am very happy. Using Parkour I can help many people think that I have achieved great things and I will continue forward, I hope other people also do. I believe that God have a purpose for me and and for everyone.

Now is the time in which I can prove to myself that no matter the destination, but the path we choose, that leads us to be truly happy.

It depends on us whether to try or not, only we decide whether to fight for our dreams or just ignore the opportunities and life that God gives us. This is only the beginning is a part of me and my philosophy.

In 2015 I did a tour of the United States where I visited. Miami Fl, Orlando Fl, Atlanta Georgia, Nasville Tennesse, North Carolina, Poenix Arizona and Hollywood California thanks to the support of the WFPF to Victor Bevine and David Thompson.

Participate last year 2016 along with several athletes from South America in the final program of American Ninja Warrior that took place in Las Vegas Nevada, where represent my country VENEZUELA.


An interview with Karl FOW: Click Here to Watch

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