Bad Parkour Movie Night: Mediocrity Strikes Back

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Our last article where we selected some of the worst Parkour movies was well received, so, we’ve put together our picks of some more of the worst movies featuring parkour or freerunning. The average review scores are based off of Rotten Tomatoes and should serve to give a very general idea of critical reception of the film.

Prince of Persia

4/10 Average Review Score

The Prince of Persia videogames are widely credited as some of the first ‘parkour’ games. This movie tie-in, with Jake Gyllenhaal, had David Belle on hand to co-ordinate the parkour movement stunts. Its a shame that the thin plot and the movies uncertainty as to if it wants to feel real, or fantastical, makes it a hard one to classify. The actual parkour sequences are fun enough if taken lightly, but for all the Hollywood special effects, the movie itself doesnt quite hold up. Probably the best of the bunch!

The Tournament

 4/10 Average Review Score

Funnily enough, the Tournament is almost exactly the same plot as the movie mentioned in our previous post, Freerunner, or the Hunger Games as another example. Sebastien Foucan features in this movie, although compared to his role in Casino Royale, it leaves a lot to be desired. This film is one of the least well known parkour movies, due to its limited release, and is one that is probably worth skipping in all honesty.

Breaking and Entering

3/10 Average Review Score

This is a bit of a strange one. Breaking and Entering stars big name actors (Jude Law), and had a theatrical release, but it is one of those films that people have heard of, but not actually seen. The bulk of the movie is a love story, and while the parkour serves to facilitate some of the plot points, its by no means the core focus of the movie. To its credit, the film does have its arty moments, but really doesn’t quite work out, it just doesn’t feel like the chemistry is there with the script. Another unfortunate blip on our quest for a good parkour movie.

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