Bad Parkour Movie Night 1: No Hope

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Here at the WFPF, we do enjoy a good action movie. More and more feature films are incorporating an elements of Parkour or Freerunning in their action sequences, and there is definitely a wide and diverse range of content out there. Instead of rounding up the best examples of a film, we’ve put together our picks of some of the most laughable movies featuring parkour or freerunning. The average review scores are based off of Rotten Tomatoes and should serve to give a very general idea of critical reception of the film.


2/10 average review score

Our first candidate features our very own Ryan Doyle. While we love the man dearly, this entire movie feels bizarre. The acting is wooden, and at times laughable, the actual movement in mostly, genuinely cool (props to Ryan & co). If you fancy something you can throw on and laugh at with how weird the whole thing is though, this would be the one!

Death Race 2

3/10 average review score

This film, prominently featuring Chase Arimtage of 3run, is likely the best of this bunch. Its got action, explosions, cars, some well known actors too! While its a bit silly and the story has plenty to be desired, still we’d argue its the best of the three.

Devils Playground

2/10 average review score

And finally, Devils Playground. While likely the most serious of these three movies, it unfortunately falls relatively flat. We did notice that two of these movies share the British actor Danny Dyer, perhaps a trend is emerging? At any rate, this dingy zombie film features movement from the now defunct UrbanFreeflow. We’d probably say you avoid this one in general, whereas Freerunner is a laugh and Death Race 2 is atleast entertaining in its stupiudity, Devils Playground just isnt worth your time.

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