The Art of Ryan Doyle: Travel Story

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Last year, Ryan Doyle went on a epic trip around the planet, visiting world wonders and spreading his movement as he went. We recently revisited the travel story series (which actually won a Youtube Award) and took some time to collect up some of our favourite photos from the project. We then had a chat with Ryan himself to get a little insider info on each of the photos and how the experience was for him at the time!

In this shot I’m actually on a Volcano in the Mediterranean and after having so much pleasure I expected it to balance out with the 2012 theory being true… and I had a front row seats 🙂

In this one I was actually trying to catch my breath, I was 8000 feet high… it was hard to breathe.

After this shot I fell into the water below me haha!

This is one of my favourite shots in the whole series, I dare anyone to go out at that point in the Jordanian desert and balance on one leg!

In this shot it was really difficult as I had to kick all the sand/dust up to make this effect.

This is actually someones house haha…

This is was a hard, difficult day… there wasn’t anything soft to land on and everything was concrete.

Just your everyday cat crawl 🙂

This was a great place, Inca Ruins. The rock in the background is where I did the Kong Gainer.

I definitely made sure that I was going to fall inside and not outside haha. I busted my knee doing a 540 front flip off the guard tower in the background.

At this moment I had realised that I had completed all 7 wonders, it was the moment where I felt like “Yes we are finished!” 🙂

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