Art of Motion Santorini 2014 – Our Athlete Submissions

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Its that time of year again, where hordes of the worlds best Parkour & Freerunning athletes descend upon the small honeymoon destination that is, Santorini, Greece. With its iconic white architecture, its become known as one of the central events within the competitive Freerunning space, especially due to it being one of the only AOM events in the same space since 2011. While some athletes have been seeded into the competition already, a few of the WFPF athletes made submission videos, or are attending the onsite qualifier in Greece. We rounded up some of the submission videos here!

If there was one guy who was going to destroy the submissions, it was Pasha. As he was unable to compete last year, he had to submit, just like everyone else. And boy, did he submit. This video is probably the perfect example of the kinds of lines that win AOM events, unfaltering flow and creativity, use of obstacles and environment, style and good execution. We wouldn’t be surprised if this video is remembered long after the event itself…

Next up, one of our newer Sponsored Athletes, Omar Zaki. Omar has been a bit of a closet beast in the scene, developing ridiculous talent but remaining relatively unknown within the community. Well all that is about to change! Omar is flying over for the onsite qualifier and we’re hoping he gets into the main event!

If you want to see tidy parkour, blended with strange twists and reverse rolls, Daer is your man! He’s a but of a Mexican monster, but as you can see in this video, he’s got such a powerful and compact style, he truly would dominate the course in Greece.

Switching gears, we have this beautiful entry from Sydney Olsen. She’s been training super hard, and is pulling out movements like no tomorrow. Wall full? Check. Angel & Devil Drops? Check. Gainers, fronts, sides, roundoff flashkick? Check. She’s got it all!

If you don’t watch this one, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Sponsored Athlete, Marcus Wilson, is killing it to unheard of levels. So much power and flow in this guy, what a quality chap!

Finally, our Venezuelan friend and WFPF Athlete, Karl FOW, with his tidy entrance to the competition. He’s such a dedicated guy, and we’re super happy to see him entering!

We hope you enjoyed this selection and wish the best to all the athletes competing on the 4th October!

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