Angela Lay

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Angela Lay | 28yrs old | Las Vegas, Nevada

Growing up I never really played sports. It wasn’t until I found Parkour, in my early 20’s that I fell in love with movement and fitness. Pushing myself physically and mentally every day, and pushing past my fears and limits is what I enjoy most about the sport. Once I dedicated myself to that and made it a habit, I noticed that same mentality spread to other areas of my life. Overall Parkour has had a major positive impact in my life.

I decided to become a coach and personal trainer to help others have that in their lives as well. I have become certified coach with WFPF, USA Parkour, Apexmovement Parkour, Parkour EDU, USA Gymnastics and NASM. I continue to learn and grow every day. I was a leader with Phoenix Parkour before moving to Las Vegas, where I currently lead Las Vegas Parkour community.

The Parkour community is another reason I fell in love with the sport. Everyone is so open and accepting. Whether it’s teaching you a new move, or showing you the best spots to training, or having a place to crash when you are traveling. The community really looks out for one another.


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  1. My name is Ivan Flores I am the owner of fix four San Diego located in San Diego California in the United States. I am currently seeking a head coach with my (parkcore) program we currently have about 150 students in this curriculum.
    I wanted to touch base with you see if you are interested in what the possibilities are for you to come here. Please feel free to let me know what your thoughts are.

    Thank you
    Ivan Flores

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