Angela Lay

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Angela Lay | 28yrs old | Las Vegas, Nevada

Growing up I never really played sports. It wasn’t until I found Parkour, in my early 20’s that I fell in love with movement and fitness. Pushing myself physically and mentally every day, and pushing past my fears and limits is what I enjoy most about the sport. Once I dedicated myself to that and made it a habit, I noticed that same mentality spread to other areas of my life. Overall Parkour has had a major positive impact in my life.

I decided to become a coach and personal trainer to help others have that in their lives as well. I have become certified coach with WFPF, USA Parkour, Apexmovement Parkour, Parkour EDU, USA Gymnastics and NASM. I continue to learn and grow every day. I was a leader with Phoenix Parkour before moving to Las Vegas, where I currently lead Las Vegas Parkour community.

The Parkour community is another reason I fell in love with the sport. Everyone is so open and accepting. Whether it’s teaching you a new move, or showing you the best spots to training, or having a place to crash when you are traveling. The community really looks out for one another.


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