Certified WFPF Instructor: 3 day course covers Levels 1-5 skills in WFPF Academy Curriculum total time 20hrs

Day 1 Focuses on Parkour based techniques so it’s more about the philosophy (A to B as fast a you can) & basics in going over, under, through any and all obstacles in your way. In particular our 5 key events: wall, floor, vaults, bars, & trampoline. Thoroughly dissecting each skill in a 3 part system: beginning, middle, end to help you as an instructor easily find & fix all imperfections. Full day is two 4hr. time blocks with a 1hr. break in between.

Day 2 Transferring focus to Freerunning by taking all those same core basics in Parkour, using the events now as tools instead of obstacles to help find your students own artistic expression by adding flips, tricks, challenges, etc. Full day is two 3hr. time blocks with a 1hr. break in between.

Day 3  Every student will need to have their own written, or typed out 55 minute lesson plan finished & ready to teach a specific 15 minute portion of that lesson to the other participants acting as students. You will be given a breakdown on your specific event & skills from the curriculum the evening before “Testing day”. You will be judged on safety: good explanations of all progressions needed, testing all stations before students, setting mats where needed, spotting where needed, also a visual skills exam to cap it all off. Full day is two 3hr. time blocks with a 1hr. break in between.

Important info: Students will not be expected to be able to physically complete all skills incorporated in the curriculum, but more on having a strong understanding of all basics & safe progressions needed for students advancement- i.e., pads when needed, hands on spotting, strength exercises, etc.

This is the gold standard for Parkour instructor training around the Globe (over 900 individuals trained and certified to date) and is required to obtain Parkour member insurance available through WFPF sister company, USA Parkour.

-Advanced Instructor Certification: 1 day course covers the final Levels 6-8 skills in WFPF Academy Curriculum

For WFPF certified trainers who want to take their teaching chops to the next level this certification focuses on giving you those tips and progressions to breakdown a large amount of today’s most technically advanced tricks by building upon the previous certifications curriculum to make you be able to help your students reach their max movement potential while still keeping them safe.

Both below qualifications are handled on an individual case by case partnership with WFPF

-Assistant Master Trainer: Allowed to assist Master Trainers when hosting a Certification.
Must have
1) Competed in, or hosted a WFPF sponsored competition
2) Advanced WFPF Instructor Certification
3) Taught Parkour professionally for over 5 years

-WFPF Master Trainer: Can solo, or pair up with another Master Trainer to run a WFPF Certification.
Must have
1) Everything above
2) Assisted a minimum of 3 Certifications (one must be outside of your current home state)

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