Get Your Stuff Shared

As you might imagine, our inbox is perpetually stuffed with messages from people around the world requesting to have their content shared. So much of it is incredible; however, it’s nearly a full time task to manage all of these messages! That’s why we’ve decided to create this single, easy home for you to submit all of your great content.


To send us a video to watch, its super simple! Use the boxes below to add some information about the video then click submit. We’ll look through the submission and share the best ones!

It’s better in HD

We don’t mind SD quality video if its really good, but generally the higher quality videos are what we are looking for.

Keep it interesting

We watch a LOT of Parkour videos, so something thats short, snappy and well edited has a better chance of getting shared!

For the kids

We want to do our best to further the positive aspects of Parkour/Freerunning to the younger generation. Keep this in mind when submitting!

Share wisely

You can only share one video every ten days. This is to keep it fair and let everyone get a chance to submit, so pick your share wisely!


Have a cool photo or even some art to submit for us to share on our Facebook page or Instagram? Here is how you submit it to us!

Your photo must be high resolution and acceptable quality.

Ideally your photo will be at least 1000px on the long side. We don’t mind phone camera photos, as long as they look good!

Do not put any text on the photo.

We absolutely believe in crediting photographers. The main reason for this is that some of our fans do not speak english, so by crediting in the description of the post we can ensure they can translate it instead.

Save your photo as a .jpg file.

Put the name of the athlete, and any extra credit (don’t go crazy) and the name of the move as the name of the file. It should look like this!

To ensure you get credited, your information must be in the filename.

Then upload the file to us by using the following form:

Error: Need to configure allowed file extensions!

We will share the best photos we receive!