Get Sponsored / Become an Affiliate

We’re always on the lookout for new talent here at the WFPF. If you think you’d like to be sponsored, there are a few things you have to do!We get loads of applications so we’ve decided to raise the standards but also give every applicant the same requirements to apply. As a result, the application process is now easier and more transparent.

So you want to get sponsored? Great! Apply using the below form, and send it in. We do require a specific video application for our sponsored athletes called the ‘Movement Challenge’ so please click below for the appropriate form and look at the requirements.

Looking to apply to become an Affiliate? Apply here as well, and we’ll let you know your status once we’ve reviewed the application.

What are we looking for from Sponsored Athletes? We’re looking for people that have a real passion for Parkour & Freerunning culture. Being physically talented is certainly an important component of this; however, as the global community continues to become more connected, athletes who regularly appear in videos, photography, and have a strong community involvement will continue to shape the future of the movement. Think you have the total package? Get in touch!

What happened to HotShots? We feel that as the community continues to grow, age is becoming less and less of a distinguishing characteristic among athletes. Our new sponsored program gives credit where credit is due, no matter the age. 

Benefits of Sponsorship:

  • Personal profile on WFPF Sponsored Athletes page
  • Announcement of your sponsorship on all WFPF social media
  • Ongoing promotion on WFPF Social Media
  • 20% discount code for
  • 2 free WFPF shirts for Training & Video/Photo Shoots
  • Membership to exclusive Sponsored Athletes group on Facebook
  • Quarterly Google Hangouts with WFPF founders and special guests
  • Ongoing career advice, planning, tips, and support from the WFPF team
  • Access to WFPF creative team for development of your own special projects
  • Preferred consideration for professional work worldwide
  • Other awesome bonuses and opportunities
  • Bragging rights

Benefits of Affiliate:

  • Get worldwide recognition as a partner of the WFPF
  • Discount code for
  • Opportunity to be featured as Affiliate of the Month
  • Get Pre-Released gear before everyone else
  • Priority shares on WFPF Social Media Properties
  • Entry onto the WFPF Affiliate Database

Once you are ready to apply, fill in the form below.