Sponsored Athlete/Team Application

What you have to do to apply to be a Sponsored Athlete/Team:

  • Have a strong understanding of Parkour and Freerunning (a few years experience)
  • Have over 500 Youtube Subscribers
  • Have uploaded atleast five high quality videos to YouTube
  • Explain to us why you want to be sponsored (We don’t need your life story, but be unique. We hear things like ‘Parkour is my life’ every day.)
  • Complete the Movement
  • Challenge (explained below) and send us the video

Benefits of Sponsorship:

  • Personal profile on WFPF Sponsored Athletes/Team page
  • Announcement of your sponsorship on all WFPF social media
  • Ongoing promotion on WFPF Social Media
  • 20% discount code for www.KnowObstacles.com
  • 2 free WFPF shirts for Training & Video/Photo Shoots
  • Membership to exclusive Sponsored Athletes group on Facebook
  • Quarterly Google Hangouts with WFPF founders and special guests
  • Ongoing career advice, planning, tips, and support from the WFPF team
  • Access to WFPF creative team for development of your own special projects
  • Preferred consideration for professional work worldwide
  • Other awesome bonuses and opportunities
  • Bragging rights

Complete the Application Below