Sponsored Athlete/Team Application

What you have to do to apply to be a Sponsored Athlete/Team:

  • Have a strong understanding of Parkour and Freerunning (a few years experience)
  • Have over 500 Youtube Subscribers
  • Have uploaded atleast five high quality videos to YouTube
  • Explain to us why you want to be sponsored (We don’t need your life story, but be unique. We hear things like ‘Parkour is my life’ every day.)
  • Complete the Movement
  • Challenge (explained below) and send us the video

Benefits of Sponsorship:

  • Personal profile on WFPF Sponsored Athletes/Team page
  • Announcement of your sponsorship on all WFPF social media
  • Ongoing promotion on WFPF Social Media
  • 20% discount code for www.KnowObstacles.com
  • 2 free WFPF shirts for Training & Video/Photo Shoots
  • Membership to exclusive Sponsored Athletes group on Facebook
  • Quarterly Google Hangouts with WFPF founders and special guests
  • Ongoing career advice, planning, tips, and support from the WFPF team
  • Access to WFPF creative team for development of your own special projects
  • Preferred consideration for professional work worldwide
  • Other awesome bonuses and opportunities
  • Bragging rights

Complete the Application Below

Tell us about yourself!

If you live in the USA, just put your two letter State here. For example if you're in California, just put CA.
Drop a file here or click to upload Choose File
Maximum upload size: 8.19MB
Must be a Jpeg file, 500kb maximum.

Show us what you've done!

http:// must be at the start of a link. Only one link please.
http:// must be at the start of a link. Only one link please.
If we find your channel to have less than 500 subs, or you have claimed to have more than you do, we will have to reject your application.

The Movement Challenge Video

In the past, you would just send us your most recent video, or make a general submission video. Well now that we have your YouTube channel as you linked above, we will go and check out all your previous videos! We just want to see the following as each application is personal and this gives everyone a level playing field.

Whats the 'Movement Challenge'?

To complete the challenge, you have to make a YouTube video of you doing the following

  • Show landing a decent sized rail precision properly, three times, all in one clip
  • Show three climbups from Armjump/Catleap position
  • Show two different Catpass/Kong to precisions
  • Show two acrobatic moves of your choice (any flip, spin or rotation movement)
  • Show one Parkour run of your choice, with atleast two different moves (all in one clip)

This must all be new footage, shot in the same clothes. All the moves must be outside on concrete. Film from one position if possible, using a tripod is best. We arent looking for fancy camerawork here, we just want to see the movement.

Edit the footage together in the order above. Do not use any music or colour correction/grading/effects/slowmotion.

This video is then to be uploaded as unlisted (or public if you'd prefer) and linked to us in the application below!

http:// must be at the start of a link. This video must only be the MOVEMENT CHALLENGE video to be made as explained above. Any other videos linked here will result in your application being ignored.
You can also include any other links, achievements etc that you think would be good to tell us about!