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Created by the world-renowned athletes of the World Freerunning Parkour Federation, the WFPF Certification Program was carefully developed to encourage the creative, grass roots nature of parkour, while also establishing safe practices and a common vocabulary of movement for progressive instruction to students of all ages.  As of 2017, WFPF has certified approximately 800 instructors.  The WFPF Certification Program, the only parkour certification developed in partnership with a major insurance underwriter, is the gold standard for the safe and practical instruction of parkour.

WFPF certifications are presented in partnership with the International Parkour federation (IPF) and IPTC (International Professional Training Certification).

For information on hosting a WFPF Parkour Certification: Send an email to


Robbie Corbett – Master Trainer

Master trainer and WFPF Certification Director, Robbie Corbett, is a lifelong practitioner and teacher of many disciplines, including Parkour/Freerunning.  Along with our other WFPF Master trainers, Ben Jenkin, Justin Sheaffer, Daniel Arroyo, Fernando Arce, Josh Brauer, Marvin Ross and Phil Doyle, Robbie’s goal is to keep the certification program fun, rigorous, informative, and up-to-date while ensuring the continued growth of parkour as a transformational discipline.

Attendees from Iran, Turkey, India and Tajikistan at WFPF Parkour Instructor certification held in Thailand

Attendees from Iran, Turkey, India and Tajikistan at WFPF Parkour Instructor certification held in Thailand held in cooperation by IPTC (International Professional Training Certification)

Frequently Asked Questions

Where and when are certification workshops held?
The four-day intensive LEVEL 1/2 certification is held on a monthly basis at host gyms around the world   Contact us to see how your facility can apply to HOST a WFPF Certification at your gym.

Who attends WFPF Certification workshops?
Parkour practitioners who want to expand their knowledge of Parkour.
Gymnastics instructors or other movement and fitness professionals who want to learn the teaching principles of Parkour.
If you are interested in attending a WFPF Certification and not sure that it’s right for you, please feel free to contact us at

How much does a WFPF Certification cost?
WFPF International Certifications- Pricing on request and depend on where the certification is being held and local costs to us.  Host gyms should contact us to discuss the possibility of hosting a WFPF Certification at your facility.  Upcoming certification at Airborn Academy in September 2017 in Liverpool UK.  Contact

What are the benefits of WFPF certification?
All USAP member gyms must have TWO WFPF certified instructors to be eligible to receive the benefits of USAP member insurance.
For a yearly renewal fee of $50, certified instructors receive regular updates, merchandise discounts, suggestions on how to market themselves, and discounts on next-level certifications, including “judging certification” for WFPF Sanctioned Competitions.  NOTE:  Certified instructors who are currently inactive as Parkour trainers may “freeze” their WFPF certification at no cost.  Those WFPF certified trainers who remain inactive for more than one year and wish to renew will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.  For questions, please contact

How do we become a host gym?
Host gyms must be approved by WFPF as having all equipment necessary to hold the certification. Host gyms must provide four days of sufficient space in exchange for one OR two free scholarships depending on the number of students. Host gyms are expected to help market the certification so that at least 12 paying students are registered. Host gyms are encouraged to find housing for 1 or 2 USAP instructors or pay a housing allowance.
Gyms are encouraged to host certifications in the days immediately before or after holding a WFPF Sanctioned Competition to increase enrollment for the certification.

For more information or to inquire about hosting a WFPF Certification at your facility, please contact us at

Since 2013 Scottsdale Parkour Freerunning has hosted two WFPF Level 1-2 certifications per year. Instrucors have come in from around the world to attend at this amazing facility.

Since 2013 Scottsdale Parkour Freerunning has hosted two WFPF Level 1-2 certifications per year!  They have also hosted three WFPF Level 3 advanced certifications. Instructors have come in from around the world to attend WFPF’s certifications at this amazing facility.