Continued Education Intermediate Parkour Certification

For basic certified gym coaches, or instuctors who's certification has hit their expiration date & needs to stay registered in the instructors database. 

This course covers up to Level 5 of your student curriculum and allows for a 1-10 Student-Coach ratio. Each section has its own lessons and quizzes, all sections must be completed with a score of 90% or higher to complete this portion of certification. 

Instructors taking continued education do NOT have to have a virtual test with a WFPF Master Trainer.

After completing both quizzes, a WFPF Master Trainer will contact you about organizing your virtual test to complete the Intermediate Instructing Certification. 

To become a certified spotting instructor, you must still have a virtual test approved by a WFPF Master Trainer (and inform them if you want the spotting certification title) to receive your digital spotting instructor certificate.

COMPLETED does not mean PASSED. A certification course can still be FAILED if course buttons read COMPLETED. Please be sure to check your answers before submitted any quiz.


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